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how Much Do Appliances Consume?


In 2022 the electricity bill was rising periodically, and we hope that in 2023 it will not rise any more, but do you know: How much do household appliances consume?

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which Capsule Coffee Maker to Buy?


is there anything better than enjoying a good coffee? But the question always arises: Which Capsule Coffee Maker to buy?

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which TV to Buy?


do you need to change your TV ? And you don't know which TV to buy? We will guide you step by step in the purchase of your new TV.

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how to heat a house ?


The cold arrives and with it the question of how to heat a house? From we want to help you in this purpose.

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It's already Christmas at

Christmas 2022 is here, and wants to celebrate it with you with some very special Christmas Offers...
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Christmas Gifts What to Give ?


It's time for Christmas gifts, and with it comes the question of what to give for Christmas, because one of the most difficult decisions is what to surprise your family with.

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➤ Types and Advantages of Freezers - Bermello


Types and advantages of each type of freezer and recommendations to be taken into account for each of them

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➤ Valentine's Day Story - Bermello Appliances


History of Valentine's Day and how we can surprise our partners in a simple way

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➤ Washing machine raffle for 1€ in collaboration - Bermello


Many thanks to all those who have made it possible that last February 1, 2020 was held successfully, the raffle of the Washing Machine for 1 €.

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➤ Tips for buying a refrigerator - Bermello


Key recommendations when buying a refrigerator We all know that the main purpose of a refrigerator is to cool automatically, but are we really clear about the answer to the following questions?

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How to renovate our kitchen with little money


how can we successfully renovate the kitchen on a small budget?

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8 Tips for Saving Energy in the Best Way


Open our refrigerators and freezers as little as possible. Cook efficiently by using the right pots and pans optimally and utilizing the residual heat we generate.

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Advantages of Installing Used Appliances


The household appliance nowadays plays an important role in our lives, since according to statistical data, in 100% of the homes we can find at least one household appliance.

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