The Washing machine is one of the most necessary household appliances in the home, and we all know what happens when a power failure occurs washing machineand we have all the laundry to wash.

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Types of Washing Machines

In the market there are washing machines of all types, although we can highlight two of them, the Front Load Washer and the Top Load Washers.

Top-loading washing machines:

They are the least common although more and more people are opting for them. These integrated washing machines take up very little space in your home. They are more economical and you will be able to include other clothes even once it is in operation.

Front-loading washing machines:

They are the most efficient of all washing machines. They have a larger capacity and come equipped with all kinds of washing programs. They are really easy to use and you can even find washer dryers of excellent quality.

Washer Dryer

Another of the best-selling washing machines is the Washing machines with dryer, the advantage they offer us is to have washer and dryer in one appliance.

More important information about Washing Machines:

There are many aspects to take into account apart from the capacity, such as the Centrifugal Revolutions, the Energy Class and that they are Silent.

Washer Spin Revolutions

Most models run between 1000 and 1400 rpm at maximum, although there are models of 1600 rpm washersall of them can be controlled and reduced to our liking.

Washing machines a+++, the best energetically speaking...

Another vitally important aspect you should know before buying a washing machine is its energy efficiency. The best are those washing machines a+++, the most efficient ones, so they will consume very little energy and you will hardly notice it in your electricity bill.

It is mandatory for all manufacturers to indicate the efficiency level of their appliances.

Silent washing machines

Another aspect to highlight is the noise they make when stainless steel washing machines are in operation. Apart from the energy label we have just mentioned, it is good to know the noise level they have. Normally, the noise level should not exceed 80 decibels when spinning.

which Washing Machine to Buy?

This question is asked by many people before Buying a Washing Machineone of the key points is the people who live in the house.

  • For example, if it is a house with one or two people, small washing machines are enough, the ideal is a small washing machine Washing machine 6 Kg.
  • In the case of a family with 4 members, the most advisable option is a Washing machine 8 kg or a 9 Kg Washing Machine.
  • If there are more than 5 people in your home, we recommend a 10 kg washing machine.

Washing Machine Brands

In we have the Best Washing Machine Brands as are the Bosch washing machines, Infiniton Washing Machines, Vox, Siemens and Cecotec Washing Machines. the best Prices of Washing Machines

In we have the best Offers on Washing Machinesof the best brands of washing machines and at an incredible price.

More than washing machines...

We also have a wide range of catalog in Dryers to complement your new Washing Machine.

Frequently Asked Questions about Washing Machines:

which brand of washing machines are the best ?

We can talk about many brands of washing machinesof the most reliable ones are the Bosch Washing Machinesor a Balay or Siemens washing machine.

where to Buy Cheap Washing Machines ?

If you are thinking about Buying a Cheap Washing Machineyou are in the right place, at we have for you the cheapest and most reliable washing machines, such as the Infiniton Washing Machines and the Washing machines VOX.

how many revolutions should a washing machine have?

The higher the spin speed, the better, as the lower the speed can always be regulated, usually one revolution 1200 or 1400 rpm washing machine are sufficient.

front or Top Load Washer ?

Provided that the space at home is sufficient, the best option is the Front Load Washerthe new, more efficient and more varied market.

washer and dryer or washer dryer ?

In this case we also depend on the space we have at home, but the best option is the washer and dryer separately, for one reason to have the two systems in the same appliance if one of them breaks down we will have to change the washer dryer.

In addition, drying is usually better in simple tumble dryers.

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