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All types of Refrigerators...

Every kitchen must have a refrigerator, which helps us to keep food at the right temperature to be preserved as long as possible, and retain all its properties.

which Refrigerator do you need ? offers you a wide range of selection of Refrigerators that are perfectly adapted to your needs.

Refrigerator size.

We have refrigerators from 50 cm to the largest ones that exceed 2 meters, although the best sellers are the 170 cm refrigerator and the 180° refrigerators and 185 cm.

Width is also important...

Always remember before placing your order to check the width, especially if your appliance is placed in a cabinet, most of them are between 55 and 60 cm wide.

1 or 2 Doors...

The market offers both 1 door and 2 door refrigerators that you will have to choose according to your needs.

1 Door Refrigerators

These models with a single door usually offer us the service of simple refrigerator, also available in different colors and finishes to fit perfectly to your kitchen.

2 Door Refrigerators

The Two-door refrigerators offer us in one appliance 2 functions, such as cooling and freezing, with two separate doors, as in those with one door, you have different models to suit your needs in terms of design and size.

Combi Refrigerators

One of the best-selling models in Spain, which offers us Refrigerator and Freezer in 1available in different sizes and capacities for storage.


The American Refrigerators are becoming increasingly fashionable in Spain, these appliances began to be marketed in the United States under the name "Site by Site", and gradually spread to the rest of the world.
Its main feature is that they offer a refrigerator and freezer separated by two doors side by side, many models offer cold water or ice dispenser, there are even some that offer both.

No Frost Refrigerators

do you know what No Frost is? Its translation is simple "No Frost", it is a system that offers us a cooling with air circulation, this makes cooling more regulated and avoid frost in both the refrigerator and the freezer.

Zone 0

Another system that is appearing more and more in this type of appliances, the zero zone is a drawer that maintains the temperature at 0 degrees, this makes the food hold 3 times more than in a conventional drawer.
Studies have shown that families with a high Refrigerator with Zone 0on average, they save €300 per year on food.

Power consumption...

This is an essential point when it comes to buy a refrigeratorthe price of electricity is at historic highs, and making the right choice in this case can help us save on our bill.
Our recommendation is to purchase refrigerators with good energy efficiency.

Refrigerator Brands.

In the sector there are many different manufacturers that offer this type of appliances, we have the best brands quality - price, among which are: Balay Refrigeratorsbosch, AEG, LG, New Pol, Infinity y Vox.

why Compare Refrigerators at ?

We have a wide range of refrigerator range of different models and sizes, we offer the best prices in the market, in addition to the most leading brands in the sector.
We also have a professional team, who can help you in your choice, several payment methods including financing your purchase, fast and secure shipping and on many of our items Free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions about Refrigerators:

We are going to answer frequently asked questions about these appliances, they are questions that our customers have asked us over the years, and that can be of help to solve your doubts.

price of a Refrigerator?

Depending on the brand, size and features we can find appliances of this type from 150 € to models that exceed 900 €, although the average is usually around 400 or 500 €.

No Frost System Yes or No?

Our recommendation is that whenever possible you should choose an appliance with a No Frost system.

which energy label to choose for refrigerators?

This appliance is one of the most consuming in the kitchen, choosing an energy label with a good energy efficiency is a good saving option, labels D, C, B and A will be the most suitable to save energy, the closer we get to the A, the less consumption we will have.

how much does a refrigerator consume?

This is difficult to say, since the price of electricity is not fixed, in addition to the fact that the Refrigerators different according to their energy label, but we can say that one Maximum efficiency refrigerator ( A and B ) consumes between 44 and 72 € per year, a medium level ( C and D ) between 80 and 95 € per year and one of worse efficiency ( F and G ) more than 130 € per year.

ideal temperature for the refrigerator ?

The ideal temperature is between 5 and 6 degrees and should never exceed 7 degrees, so a good option is 6 degrees, in the freezer should always be at - 18 degrees.

how long does a refrigerator last?

The useful life is usually around 12 yearsalthough it all depends on the brand and the use of the same, the brands with less useful life are around 8 years and there are brands that increase the useful life up to 15 years.

when to change the Refrigerator ?

There are several points that can help us to discover this moment, one of them is the age, if you are over 14 years old, it is advisable to change it, simply because of the energy consumption.
Another point is that it does not withstand the regular temperature, and our food deteriorates before the expiration date.
Condensation or frost on the back of our refrigerator is another sign of malfunction.
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Capacidad total muy grande (377 L) Nivel de sonido máximo: silencioso (36 db)Capacidad de congelación: 8 kg/24hAntieconómico (clase energética 2021 D) Dimensiones (ancho x alto x profundidad): 59,5 x 200 x 65,9 cm
Frigorífico Americano acabado en blanco con 2 puertas. Tecnología No Frost y Multi Air Flow  Capacidad de refrigeración de 291 Litros Silencioso 40 dB. Clasificación energética A+/F.  Dimensiones 177 cm de alto, 90,5...
ENTREGA A DOMICILIO Y RETIRADA DEL USADO INCLUIDOAlta capacidad: Con sus 155 cms de alto y 309 l. de capacidad, es idóneo para conservar los alimentos de toda una familia.Silencioso: Fabricado con la más moderna...
Combination refrigerators with top freezerNet product capacity 213 litersRefrigerator interior 4 glass shelves, 1 drawer, 3 door shelvesFreezer interior 1 shelfTechnologies Antibacterial protection, Interior LED...


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