Molinillos de Cafe

In our online home appliances store we offer you the best selection of coffee grinders of the best quality and with the highest possible performance, where you can buy your coffee grinder online at the best price.

We have electric coffee grindersmodels with which you will be able to grind coffee and enjoy its maximum flavor and aroma, to get the most out of your coffee maker, what better way to do it than with a coffee grinder. The coffee that you can buy in any supermarket that comes already ground from the factory has nothing to do with freshly ground coffee.

Best Coffee Grinders

Electric Coffee Grinders:

Grinders more modern and with a wide offer. You will only have to introduce the coffee beans, press a button and you can be doing other tasks while the coffee is ground, the price of the electric coffee grinder varies according to its power, capacity or the way it grinds coffee:

  • Coffee grinder with grinding wheels: Where the coffee bean is cut uniformly and evenly, achieving a superior quality grind. If you are a great fan of the coffee world, this is your grinder.
  • Grinders equipped with blades: It grinds the grains by means of a series of steel blades. They are the most economical of the electric grinders.

Manual Coffee Grinders:

They are perfect if you go camping or to the beach, for example, because in addition to not needing electricity, they are small and compact so you can transport them easily, even though you have to grind the coffee beans, it will not cost you much effort. They are resistant as well as elegant and functional. They are the cheapest coffee grinders that you can find today.

how to use a grinder ?

The use of a electric coffee grinder could not be simpler. To do this you have to pour the amount of coffee beans you want to grind into its tank and place its transparent top lid.

To give you an idea, a normal coffee usually contains approximately 7 grams of ground coffee.

In the vast majority of models you will be able to regulate the grinding level or grinder function, to obtain a coarser or finer coffee, as you wish.

If at the end of the process you see that the coffee bean is not what you expected, you can grind it again without any problem.

Maintenance of a coffee grinder...

Daily cleaning is a very important aspect to extend the life of your grinder. To do this, never use water as it can corrode and therefore damage the blades over time.

One of the best ways to clean a coffee grinder is by using a small brush to manually clean the blades, some paper or, if you have a small vacuum cleaner, use it to reach those hard-to-reach areas.

A trick that we give you from is that you can grind some rice to eliminate any remaining moisture that may be present inside your coffee maker accessory.

Coffee Grinder Brands

At Bermello Appliances we have excellent models of the following brands Jata, Tristar or Moulinex Grinder at unbeatable prices.

Offer in Grinders at

If you are a coffee connoisseur, you cannot miss this opportunity of buy a coffee grinder at the best price, you will get a coffee with the maximum flavor and aroma as if you were a professional.

Everything for your Breakfast...

And to complete your appliances for your breakfasts we remind you that you have the possibility of getting a good Coffee maker, a Toaster or a Electric Milk Warmer.

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  • 19.00€ - 40.00€

2 x Recipientes de acero inoxidable (2 hojas y 4 hojas)Capacidad de cada recipiente: 85 gPermite moler café, especias y una gran variedad de condimentos!Motor de alta potencia y larga duraciónBotón pulsadorSistema de...
COFFEE GRINDER CECOTECCompact grinder for coffee, spices and other foods.Titanium-coated blades for improved hardness and long-lasting sharpness.Efficient, fine and fast grinding thanks to its 200 W of power.Can grind...
Capacidad: 36 gmsMuele café, nueces, especias y una variedad de condimentosMotor de alta potencia y larga duración.Cámara y cuchillas de molienda de acero inoxidableCaracterística de seguridad avanzada: el motor...


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