Aires Acondicionados baratos en Ourense

Here in our section of portable air conditioners you will be able to find the best models on the market at spectacular prices. If you do not want to spend heat this summer, get one of our many air conditioners that we have in stock for you. You can find a variety of models like these:

- Tristar air conditioners
- Portable air conditioners Sogo
- Portable air conditioners Infiniton brand

Placing an order in our online appliance store could not be easier. Select the product that most closely resembles your needs, add it to the basket, proceed to checkout and in 48/72 hours you will receive it at the address you specify.

Main features of our portable air conditioners

In Bermello we offer you the best collection of portable air conditioners online with which you can acclimatize any type of room for this summer season.

We work with leading manufacturers of this type of appliances to offer each and every one of our customers a unique, versatile and effective product.

Here you will be able to find, for example, Infiniton models. They are portable air conditioners with dehumidifiers that have remote control for convenience. It works with an excellent energy certification A so you will hardly notice a rise in your monthly electricity bill. In addition, you can program them and forget about them, also having LED display screen and heat pump.

You also have Sogo transportable air conditioners up to 3,000 frigories and with dehumidifying function. They are very quiet appliances, as they do not exceed 65 decibels and equipped with wheels to make it comfortable to carry to one room or another, according to your own needs.

Another manufacturer we work with are the Tristar portable air conditioners. Air conditioners devices low power consumption and quiet that have Wi-Fi function and up to 3,000 frigories. You can regulate the temperature as you wish and with up to 4 different modes of operation:

- cooling
- heating
- drying
- fan

Types of portable air conditioners

In the world of air conditioners we can find up to 4 different types of portable air conditioners:

- the air conditioners with a single tube, which are the most common of all, absorbing the hot air and cooling it inside and expelled again to the outside.

- those with double tubes, also called dual-duct air conditioners. One of these tubes absorbs the air present in the environment, cooling it and expelling it, while the second tube performs the function of expelling the residual air.

- air conditioners with heat pump, which will serve not only for the summer but for any time of year.

- air conditioners that do not have heat pump, which are for exclusive use in high temperatures.

So you know, if you want to buy the best cheap portable air conditioner but with the best possible performance, you will find the best possibilities and options only here.

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 5 modos de funcionamiento: automático, enfriamiento, deshumidificación,Ventilador de 3 velocidades y automático; función de oscilación;Dimensiones de la unidad exterior 550 H x 700 W x 275 D mmPeso neto interior /...


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